Our Largest Commission – Breaking Boundaries


During the summer months many who work in sales run into difficult times until the holidays begin again. We have been fortunate enough to have kept very busy with special orders and commissions. To our surprise, we were contacted to ask Nicholas if he would create a similar piece to his celestial series except on a much larger scale. This would be his largest commission to date.


Since this was a much larger project than what Nicholas was used to, we had to take steps to ensure he would not be overwhelmed by such a large commission.  To make certain of this, we had him work on different sections at a time and afterward he would take breaks that would span for days on end in order to decompress. In some cases, we had to cover certain areas of the canvases with large sheets of paper so his focus remained specifically on the part he was working on.


Each canvas is 24 x 36 inches, which would easily take up an entire living room wall.

It is always interesting to read messages from those who request special orders and their intriguing ideas on what Nicholas should do next. I find that these commissions challenge him to expand his horizons and step beyond his comfort zone. It’s part of what helps him grow as an artist. We are especially pleased with the results of his most recent conquest. More importantly, the customer is very happy as well!

– Natasha


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