Introduction to Nick Max Studio

Hello everyone!

To start off, I would like to thank those who have followed this blog so soon after its inception. We truly appreciate your interest and likes. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce those who are involved with “Nick Max Studio” and to give you a brief explanation as to why we have decided to create this blog.

This is our way of recording Nicholas’ artistic endeavors and improvements over time while informing others of the mentally beneficial effects that art can have with those who are intellectually and/or developmentally disabled. It is our hope to not only to share Nicholas’ art with others, but to help those who wish to enrich the lives of those they care about.


Nicholas was initially introduced to painting by his former day program. After realizing the joy it brought him, our mother took the next step and set up an art studio with everything he would need. It’s incredible, watching what he creates and along with the gradual development of positive coping skills to fight against compulsive tendencies.


My name is Natasha and I’m Nicholas’ older sister. I contribute by using my skills as a photographer and am currently introducing myself to the world of graphic design. I will primarily be the one who will be keeping up with the blog and Etsy shop.


Our mother, Kathie, not only assists Nicholas with his paintings, but is a powerhouse of positive energy that fuels his inspiration. She is also in charge of marketing, organizing special orders, and sourcing supplies.

Soon we will be posting more back story in how Nicholas has discovered painting, how it has guided him down the path of recovering from a difficult transition, and the behavioral benefits it has had on him over a short period of time.

Thanks for reading!