Turquoise Sunrise – Acrylic on Canvas


Title: Turquoise Sunset
Size: 12″ x 12″
Medium: Textured acrylic paint with brushes on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas with edges painted

This is original artwork by: Nick Max Studio

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Our Largest Commission – Breaking Boundaries


During the summer months many who work in sales run into difficult times until the holidays begin again. We have been fortunate enough to have kept very busy with special orders and commissions. To our surprise, we were contacted to ask Nicholas if he would create a similar piece to his celestial series except on a much larger scale. This would be his largest commission to date.


Since this was a much larger project than what Nicholas was used to, we had to take steps to ensure he would not be overwhelmed by such a large commission.  To make certain of this, we had him work on different sections at a time and afterward he would take breaks that would span for days on end in order to decompress. In some cases, we had to cover certain areas of the canvases with large sheets of paper so his focus remained specifically on the part he was working on.


Each canvas is 24 x 36 inches, which would easily take up an entire living room wall.

It is always interesting to read messages from those who request special orders and their intriguing ideas on what Nicholas should do next. I find that these commissions challenge him to expand his horizons and step beyond his comfort zone. It’s part of what helps him grow as an artist. We are especially pleased with the results of his most recent conquest. More importantly, the customer is very happy as well!

– Natasha

Milkshake and Cherry Pop


These are original artwork by: Nick Max Studio

Clay Pot Title: Milkshake
Size: 4 1/2” diameter x 4” height
Medium: Textured acrylic paint with brushes on terracotta pottery

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Switch Plate Title: Cherry Pop
Size: Length: 3-9/16″ x Width: 5-13/16″
Plate Description: Solid wood attached to steel plates. All switch plates are standard sizes. We include brass screws with each order.

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Spreading positivity with bumper stickers


At Nick Max Studio, one of our main focuses is to spread positivity and well being. We always love hearing comments from our happy customers about how Nicholas’ artwork puts a smile on their faces. While coming up with new, creative ideas to use his work, we found a way to spread more good vibes and positive energy with vinyl stickers. 

The background for this bumper sticker was made from one of Nicholas’ abstract canvases called Forbidden Oasis.


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Be the Energy

Read About the Benefits of Art Therapy

Creativity isn’t something that can be forced. It can motivate us when we least expect it. We find inspiration in all that is around us. In nature, in our community, in those we care about. In the events which move us and shake us to our foundation. Sometimes creativity is fueled by the darkness within ourselves. In the parts of us that make us vulnerable. It can reveal what we are unable to express with words alone.

My family and I have found that what fuels Nicholas’ drive to produce art is enthusiasm, curiosity, and watching others enjoy his finished creations. What more, he is continuously expanding his knowledge with fun and creative ideas so that he never loses interest in his work. There are several techniques that we practice with him while he paints that are more about creating an enjoyable experience than the painting itself.

Mixing acrylic paint – While mixing different color paints together, Nicholas appears to have an ASMR response. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.


Mixing paints is just one of the methods that can invoke this stimulating response. There are many video compilations available online that display mixing paints together while paired along with soothing music. In Nicholas’ case, when he watches someone mix paint in front of him, he becomes very focused and relaxed. This activity has been an excellent way of distracting him from what was bothering him at that moment.

Listening to music – While in Nicholas’ studio, we will often have music playing in the family room for some background noise. Some of his favorite music includes bands such as Rush, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Alicia Keys, Ja Rule, and the many pop bands from his childhood. Listening to music that is more upbeat always helps get the inspirations flowing.


Throwing paint – This is mostly just for fun but can also serve as a viable technique to improve upon an abstract painting. Allowing the brush to flick and throw paint at random can give a work of art new and surprising dimension. Nicholas finds throwing paint to be enjoyable as it always puts a smile on his face.


Using visual aids – Sometimes the best way for us to learn is through example. It’s not always easy to explain a new painting technique to someone with autism who cannot readily grasp the notion or they have auditory delays. In order to overcome this hurdle, we give Nicholas visual references in the interest of helping him experiment with different techniques. That way it is easier for him to mimic that specific style of artwork while improving upon it using his own methods.

Positive reinforcement and humor – What you should know about Nicholas is that he has a well-developed sense of humor. He loves to laugh, make comedic noises, and play pranks. What makes painting so much fun for him is the experience of interacting with us in his joking manner. He may not always fathom what we are saying but he can understand the positive tones in our voices. By reminding him of what a great job he’s doing and keeping up the pleasant vibes, he is getting a consistent stream of positive reinforcement.



“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” – Vincent van Gogh