Giving Back to the Community

When Nicholas was in high school, volunteer work was just a natural part of his life. His high school teacher, Brenda, did a wonderful job getting him out several times a week. One of his favorites was a local church that he vacuumed by Cuyahoga Falls High School.

When we moved, the first thing I discovered was the Deaf Outreach Church. It was like kismet! What a perfect place for him to do volunteer work. I sent them an email and received a immediate response for Nicholas & I to meet both of the Pastor’s of the church.

It will be 2 years soon since that wonderful day when we met the Pastor’s and the Deacons of the church. As you can see from the pictures, Nicholas is absolutely euphoric vacuuming their entire church! It has become our Monday morning gig. I am so proud of him for never once complaining and digging in as soon as we arrive! He never needs to be rewarded, he simply enjoys it for what it is.